Lyptus® Plywood

Lyptus plywood offers the warmth and beauty of a natural veneer surface with a variety of core options. As with Lyptus lumber, it is a high quality choice for many high-end appearance applications including cabinetry, furniture and store fixtures.

  • Available in 4' x 6', 8' & 10' sheets in plain or quarter-sliced faces.
  • Thicknesses — Standard sizes are 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 1" but thickness capabilities will vary by manufacturer.
  • Available in 3 color sorts (Light, Medium and Dark) to match our Lyptus lumber.
  • HPVA grades: A & B Faces; 1, 2 & 4 Backs (meets ANSI/HPVA HP-1-2004 standards).
  • Veneer matching: book matched, plank matched (slip matched by special request).
  • Core options: hardwood & softwood veneer, MDF, particleboard and lumber.

Lyptus® Veneer

Lyptus veneer is available as both flitches for custom applications and layons for plywood lay-up. Lyptus veneer is available in both plain and quarter sliced offering a unique look for any project.

Lyptus veneer flitches:

Thickness: 0.6 mm (nominal 1/42") and 1.6 mm (nominal 1/16")

Width: 10 cm (3.9") and wider

Length: 200 cm (78 inches) and longer

Grades: AA, A, B, and C

Grain pattern: Flat cut and quarters. Limited availability of special figured and burl types.

Lyptus Veneer Spliced Faces & Backs (layons): Weyerhaeuser has partnered with a focused group of specialty and full line manufacturers to assure you a total package of Lyptus veneer offerings. Lyptus veneer layons are available in standard and proprietary grades, in both quartered and plain sliced, and on a variety of core and backer materials (depending on the manufacturer). Lyptus veneer layons are available book matched, slip matched, plank matched and also in a variety of proprietary lay-ups.

Lyptus veneer is color sorted to complement Lyptus lumber.

Lyptus veneer flitches and layons are available from Renaissance Specialty Veneer Products (RSVP).

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