Weyerhaeuser and Renaissance Specialty Veneer Products Partner to Expand The Distribution of Lyptus® Veneer

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FEDERAL WAY, Wash., December 17, 2009 - To continue providing architects, designers, furniture, architectural millwork and wall panel manufacturers with alternative solutions to mainstream hardwood choices, Weyerhaeuser announces a new distribution partnership with Renaissance Specialty Veneer Products (RSVP), Columbus, Indiana. RSVP is the exclusive distributor of Lyptus® veneer worldwide with distribution facilities located in Columbus, Indiana, and High Point, North Carolina.

"We've been following Weyerhaeuser's Lyptus program closely over the past few years and believe Lyptus veneer is an environmentally sound product," says Paul Stone, Managing Partner of RSVP. "Lyptus veneer is now certified to the FSC controlled wood standard, produced from rapidly regenerating plantations and versatile - we wouldn't be distributing it to our customers if we didn't believe in what it has to offer."

With a team that has amassed over 150 years of combined experience in the veneer industry, including the procurement, production and grading of veneers, RSVP is able to offer targeted services to a wide range of clients and vendors across the globe.

"RSVP is a solid distributor for Weyerhaeuser. They're well-versed in the veneer industry and a true proponent of environmental responsibility," says Eric Anderson, Marketing Manager for Weyerhaeuser South America. "We're excited to be working with RSVP on the veneer side of our Lyptus product line."

Lyptus veneer features a fine grain and dramatic figure similar to Mahogany. It is finish-friendly, able to take stains evenly and has a broad color range, from light pink to dark earth tones.

Lyptus veneer is suited for a wide array of applications, including cabinets, furniture and architectural millwork. Veneers are available as flitches for custom applications and layons for plywood, either plain or quarter sliced, with a limited availability of special flitches, including quartered figured or Pommele.

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