Homeowner FAQ

How do I find a Lyptus® flooring dealer in my area?

Click the “Where to Buy Lyptus Flooring” button under the "Lyptus Hardwood Homeowner Resources" section. This is an interactive system that is geo-coded to your zip code and will provide you with the closest dealers in your area. A quick and easy step toward enjoying new Lyptus hardwood floors.

How does Lyptus® perform in a dry climate?

It all depends on how well the humidity and temperatures are controlled inside the house (through the use of an HVAC system). If the temperature and humidity in the house is maintained relatively constant, then a hardwood floor of many species, including Lyptus, should perform well. If the ambient humidity in the house is allowed to fluctuate and fall into the teens, then any hardwood floor will shrink excessively, gapping will occur and the likelihood of the floor cracking increases.

Is Lyptus® a genetically modified tree?

No, Lyptus is not a genetically modified tree; it is a naturally occurring hybrid.

Will eucalyptus grow well in the northwest? Can I buy rootstock?

Eucalyptus seedlings have not done well in the northwest. The best growth area for eucalyptus is between latitude 18° and 30° south, nearest to the tropic of Capricorn. We don’t offer rootstock in this region for this reason.

How long should Lyptus® flooring acclimate prior to install? Does weather matter?

The amount of time for proper acclimation may vary. Length of time depends on moisture content of the home and moisture content of the flooring when delivered. The flooring needs to be within 1% of the moisture content of the home. It is best to check the moisture of the sub-floor and moisture of the flooring. When these measurements are within 1% of each other, the flooring can be installed. The weather outside should not have much effect on the acclimation time if the humidity and temperature inside the home are maintained at normal occupancy levels.

Our installation instructions suggest 1-2 weeks. Typically, 1 week is enough, but the moisture of the flooring should be checked before installation.

Does Lyptus® flooring give off VOC Emissions?

Lyptus hardwood flooring meets the California Air Resources Board formaldehyde regulations and will not give off any gases from formaldehyde after it is installed in a home. When the glue and the finish coat on flooring is dried (cured) in the production process, no more gases are given off. In the actual production process, the glue/resin and finish are low VOC.

How should I care for my new floor?

The best way to clean your floor is with a quality brand of “hardwood floor cleaner”. This can be purchased from your flooring retailer. However, do not use plain water or a water/vinegar solution on your floor. It will eventually ruin the finish on your floor.

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