Lyptus® hardwood for Manufacturers

For manufacturers looking to expand their product line offerings with an innovative, beautiful and unique alternative to mainstream hardwood choices – plus an environmentally responsible product – an ideal choice is Lyptus® Hardwood Products from Weyerhaeuser. Lyptus is a premium-grade hardwood lumber suited for a wide array of applications, including: cabinets, architectural millwork, furniture and flooring.

Lyptus features a grain similar to mahogany with a rich, cherry coloring – and is versatile enough to take a wide range of stains and finishes for a lighter or darker look to complement nearly every décor. Even better, Lyptus products have received overwhelming praise among professionals for their workability, machining properties, density, finish ability, overall strength and exotic appeal.

Including Lyptus as a choice for your customers will set you apart from your competitors and give you an edge in the marketplace. Lyptus is competitively priced, can be processed with the same tools and finishes as other hardwoods and comes from non-tropical, certified plantations from eucalyptus trees that may be harvested within 14 to 16 years of planting – making Lyptus a smart choice.

  • Aesthetics — Lyptus is beautiful and comparable to mahogany and cherry in appearance with a fine grain, dramatic figure and rich color.
  • Environmental Features — Non-tropical certified plantations.
  • Availability — Plantation grown, Lyptus is readily available.
  • Value — Lyptus is priced favorably compared against genuine mahogany and domestic cherry.
  • The Total Package — The full range of Lyptus products (lumber, veneer, plywood and flooring) make Lyptus an ideal choice for designers who desire the look of an exotic hardwood.
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