About Us


Weyerhaeuser Company began more than 100 years ago with 900,000 acres of timberland, three employees and a small office in Tacoma, Washington. Our company's namesake, Frederick Weyerhaeuser, and our original investors were forest industry experts who contributed capital and, perhaps more important, their experience, reputations and values to the new business.

Forestry expertise and commitment to values has held Weyerhaeuser in good stead for more than a century. Today we own or manage 21.5 million acres of timberland with offices or operations in 11 countries.

Weyerhaeuser Value and Vision

Weyerhaeuser releases the potential in trees to solve important problems for people and the planet. The need for imaginative, sustainable solutions to the world’s challenges has never been greater. We are uniquely qualified to meet these needs and those of our customers in ways that create ongoing prosperity.

We are inspired by trees. Their strength, vitality, and unlimited potential to be transformed into useful products have guided our approach to business for more than a century. Trees and human ingenuity are equally precious, sustainable resources, and we are committed to growing both.

Weyerhaeuser South America

Weyerhaeuser South America has been in operation for more than 10 years and has forestry and manufacturing operations in Uruguay and Brazil. Weyerhaeuser South America Sales and Marketing group sells and markets Weyerhaeuser South America products to the global market and has offices in the US, Uruguay, and Europe.

Weyerhaeuser Uruguay

Weyerhaeuser began plantation activities in Uruguay in 1997 and holds 150,000 hectares of timberlands, which provides a minimum of four million cubic meters of wood per year. By the year 2012, Weyerhaeuser South America expects to hold approximately 200,000 hectares.

Weyerhaeuser Uruguay also operates the Los Piques plywood mill that was built in Tacuarembó in 2006. It focuses on appearance-grade plywood products for global export.

Weyerhaeuser in Brazil

Weyerhaeuser operates in Brazil as the majority shareholder of Bahia Produtos de Madeira (BPM), a joint venture with Fibria, a Brazilian company, is the world's leading producer of bleached eucalyptus pulp. They are responsible for 27% of the global supply of this product, which is used to manufacture printing and writing, tissue, and high-value-added specialty papers.

Weyerhaeuser owns two-thirds of BPM, which operates a high-tech sawmill in southern Bahia, supplying top-quality solid wood products made from eucalyptus plantation lumber to the furniture and interior design industries in Brazil and abroad. BPM operates a sawmill near Mucurí, in the southern part of the state of Bahia.

Weyerhaeuser holds a log supply agreement with joint venture partner Fibria on 20,000 hectares of plantation-grown eucalyptus. Fibria’s forestry operations are situated in the states of Espírito Santo, Bahia, Minas Gerais,Rio Grande do Sul, Sao Paulo, and Mato Grosso do Sul. They involve some 1.3 million hectares of eucalyptus plantations, of which 461,000 hectares are native reserves dedicated to environmental protection.

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