Lyptus® Lumber

Characteristics and Benefits

In terms of density, strength and other technical properties, Lyptus lumber compares favorably with hard maple. In appearance, it rivals cherry and mahogany and has a grain that is straight, even and moderately coarse.

Because plantation trees are manually pruned during their growing years, logs coming into the mill are more uniform and have fewer knots than those that grow naturally. This results in a high conversion rate of logs to clear lumber.

Good working qualities

  • Well suited for a wide variety of interior applications.
  • Has good machining and turning properties.
  • Glues and holds fasteners well. Sands to a smooth, semi-polished surface.
  • Lyptus lumber absorbs a variety of stains evenly, from oil- to water-based finishes.

Sorted for color

Lyptus lumber varies in color from red to light pink. The heartwood is a medium pink and the sapwood is paler. It has a large heartwood core. Color sorting provides manufacturers with more consistent color.

Available in NHLA grades as well as Weyerhaeuser’s own proprietary grades, both are color sorted.

  • 4/4 (23.8 mm) and 5/4 (32 mm) thicknesses with limited availability of 6/4 (36.5 mm) and 8/4 (49.2 mm)
  • Lengths from 6' to 16'
  • Moisture content 7–9%
  • Protected by water-resistant packaging

Lyptus Brochure (PDF)

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